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Eudaimonia Retreat

Veronique Aonzo

“Yesterday i was clever i wanted to change the world, today i am wise i am changing myself”

After 20 beautiful years in Bali both practicing and leading Yoga retreats, I am delighted to introduce Eudaimonia Retreat to the UK.

I aim to share with you my experience and knowledge about spiritual growth and well being awareness.

Yoga has been experiential life long practice incorporating mind, body and spirit into every aspect of my every day life for the past 20 years. I have gone from a beginner, novice student to a mature, experienced teacher while remaining in learner mode and always open to its lessons. While my yoga practiced has changed throughout the years, I have also changed with it. Yoga continues to be a source of inspiration, challenge and growth in my life.The retreats are open to all levels of capabilities from beginners to experienced practitioners


   Your classes were invaluable to me, I always came away with such a sense of calm in my mind but so energised as well. With your lovely calm voice and readings you always put me at ease and really put life into perspective. Also I felt you made me listen to my body and do what felt right, opening up my heart was a phrase that has stuck in my mind, for me this was so important in my practice   

Vicki B


    Veronique is a fabulous yoga teacher. Her classes are informed by her deep knowledge of the yoga tradition, adding so much more than just asana practice. She teaches with style and grace, and her beautiful soothing voice is a joy to listen to

Steve B


Veronique has a wonderful energy and a lovely calming manner. I very much enjoy her classes which bring together a mixture of varied yoga and reassuring words, and leave you feeling revitalised and relaxed

Charlotte T


I love the flowing nature of Veronique’s classes. In particular, I enjoy her longer classes, which feature extended guided pranayama and meditative relaxation alongside excellent instruction in asana practice. A great teacher and a lovely person, really highly recommended

Stephanie E